JR East Pass 5-day Itinerary


One big caveat - I've done the main attractions. I've done Hachimantai, Hakkoda, Zao, Ginzan Onsen, Osorezan, Fox Village, Adatara, Bandai, Aizu-Wakamatsu... the list goes on. 

So I'm just trying to find places I HAVEN'T been to. 

Budget: JPY42,610++ (~USD387++)
  • JPY20,000. JR East Pass for five days. 
  • Day 1. JPY2,100. Bus, Tazawako Station < > Hachigoume. 
  • Day 1. JPY6,000 Day 1 Stay near Kisakata Station. 
  • Day 2. JPY6,000. Shuttle, Kisakata Station to Hokodate Trailhead.
  • Day 2. JPY5,000 Day 2 Stay near Tsuruoka Station. 
  • Day 3. JPY2,100. Bus, Tsuruoka Station to Gassan-hachigome. 
  • Day 3. JPY1,410. Bus, Ubawasa to Yamagata Station. 

Day 1, Thursday : Akita-komagatake
  • 06:32am. Train, Tokyo Station to Tazawako Station.
  • 09:21am. ETA: Tazawako Station.
  • 10:05am. Bus, Tazawako Station to Hachigoume. 
  • 11:04am. ETA: Hachigoume. 
  • 11:05am. Start hike
  • 12:05pm. Summit. 
  • 02:07pm. ETA: Hachigoume. 
  • Bus back to the station is either 02:05pm or 04:25pm. 
  • 05:24pm. Back at Tazawako Station. 
Going to Mt. Chokai, the bus is at Kisakata Station at 6:20am. To get to Kisakata Station via train and catch that bus, I have to stay either at Sakata Station OR Kisakata Station. 
  • 06:09pm. Train, Tazawako Station to Akita, then to Kisakata Station. 
  • 08:26pm. ETA: Kisakata Station. 
Day 2, Friday: Mt. Chokai Hike
  • 06:20am. Shuttle, Kisakata Station to Hokodate Trailhead. (reservations needed for shuttle)
  • 06:55am. ETA: Hokodate Trailhead. Start hike.
  • 11:15am. ETA: Summit.
  • 02:40pm. ETA: Hokodate Trailhead.
  • 4:20pm. Shuttle, Hokodate to Kisakata Station
  • 05:00pm. ETA: Kisakata Station. 
Going to Mt. Gassan via Tsuruoka Station, the bus leaves at 06:03am. To get to Tsuruoka Station, I have to be stay either at Sakata Station OR Tsuruoka Station. 
  • 05:30pm. Train, Kisakata Station to Sakata Station/Tsuruoka Station (depends on the cheaper place)
  • 06:02pm. ETA: Sakata Station. 
Day 3 : Gassan Hike
  • 06:03am. Bus, Tsuruoka Station to Gassan Hachigoume. 
  • 08:00am. ETA: Gassanhachigoume. Start hike
  • 10:00am. ETA: Summit. 
  • 12:10pm. ETA: Ubasawa (姥沢口)
  • 02:20pm. Bus. Ubasawa Station to Yamagata Station. Don't miss it.
  • 04:14pm. ETA: Yamagata Station. 
  • OR
  • 10:00pm. ETA: Train Back to Tokyo. 
Day 4 : Mt. Iwaki Hike
  • 06:03am. Train, Tokyo to Hirosaki Station. 
  • Train Back to Tokyo
Day 5 : ???
  • 06:03am. Train, Tokyo to ??? Station. 
  • Train Back to Tokyo